İnterior design project &application / completed

120 sqm

This open office was designed by Emir Elmaslar for the Teknotel Telecommunication, a data storage and internet provider company with 19 employees. The 120 sqm office space is surrounded by three façades of reflective glass, creating the perception of a bigger and more spacious workplace. Workstations accommodating six people are placed in 3 groups within the office. All electrical cables and UPS devices were connected to the system under the tables, as well as acoustic felt fireproof calcium sulphate raised floor. All interior lightings and wirings from TV screens can be seen clearly on the ceiling in an organized way. The wood paneled ceiling provides acoustic absorption. Rough white wooden panels partially obscure the space’s mechanical infrastructure within the ceiling. Situated in grey tape on the white wall is axle floating wood paneling. The ceiling motion being created with the wood paneling symbolizes flowing data at the computer in contradiction with the stability of office space. The compact design of the ceiling resemble a big machine in motion in many aspects. The employees control the flow of incoming and outgoing data and signals for customers via the “floating” TV screens being suspended from the ceiling by connection pipes. Elmaslar envisioned creating an industrial interior space that blends modern, clean lines with industrial elements of design and every detail within the office space was designed to answers the problems of the office. Natural light is optimized through the use of glass and bright, reflective surfaces in 3 façades. Double glazed windows wall heaters preserve the balance of heating and cooling the office, whilst the lighting uses predominantly LED-based materials, ensuring as much energy-saving as possible. This finishing touch also reflects a same clear sense of machine image which you can follow all the motion in it.